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 a virtual retreat designed to meet you where you are. 

A "HOME RETREAT" is affordable, accessible and transformative for anyone wishing to integrate self-care into their lives. In this 7-day program, we will guide you through a journey of detoxification and renewal. Together, we will move through an experience of grounding, reflection and reconciliation, creativity and manifestation as we make the journey from where we are coming from and where we are going. Our journey will include daily customized practice, journaling assignment, LIVE community coaching and tools for transformation and daily self care rituals. It will be a powerful and nourishing experience that will soothe your soul and seed your highest intention.

MAY 5-11, 2019



you don't have to leave home to retreat. 

Spring is a time for purification, renewal and birth. Join me for a powerful retreat to cleanse the body, clear the mind and catalyze change. Throughout this week, we will embark on a transformative process of mind-body purification using the chakra system. We will combine dynamic asana, meditation, reflection, community collaboration and self care for an experience of deep connection and awakening.


dates: 5-11, 2019

times: 5pm EST/2pm PST 


what you get

This is a 7-day detox of the body, mind and soul. Daily offerings create a flexible retreat structure that provides tools in a context that works for you. Each day you'll receive: 

Daily yoga/meditation practice

Daily chakra-themed journaling prompts

Daily breakthrough coaching calls

Daily tools for transformation

Daily self care rituals

Daily quote


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daily journaling assignments

to  focus your mind


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daily yoga + meditation practice

to unlock your potential



daily quotes + inspiration

to keep you going


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live workshops 

Live Zoom Conferences create community and manifest breakthroughs



Recipes + Tools

to help you detox body + mind


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How is this different from an "away" retreat?

This "home retreat" is designed to be affordable, accessible and transformative for anyone wishing to integrate self-care into their lives. Programming is designed to meet you where you are and adjust to YOUR lifestyle. The purpose for this is so that we can cultivate for ourselves a practice that can become integrated into our everyday throughout the year. 

what will i leave with?

This retreat is designed to guide you through detox of the body, mind and soul. To do that, we will journey through a chakra cleanse that tends to the parts of us that are out of balance and unreconciled. Through movement, meditation, self-inquiry, community collaboration and self care rituals, we will let go of whatever is in the way of our growth and design a routine that is open to possibility. You will leave clear, refreshed, and ready for what's next. 

What is the schedule?

Every day you will receive a retreat "package" in your inbox containing the following: 1) movement/meditation practice 2) journaling assignment (morning pages) 3) personal growth tool (we call that "catalyst") 4) call in details for our LIVE coaching session 5) daily inpiration. The coaching calls will be LIVE at 5pm EST so that we can directly support one another in our process and growth (one-on-one coaching with Kerri is available upon request). All sessions will be recorded if schedule not permitting. 

How much time should I reserve?

While the schedule is flexible, we strongly recommend reserving a morning session (2 hours) and an afternoon session (2 hours) to optimize your practice and process of transformation. We designed this program to have a "lite" framework to encourage you to customize your own time to integrate this work. Consider how you might want to include a daily practice in your life and experiment with that schedule throughout the retreat. Don't commit to something you cannot see through. Be kind and patient with yourself. And know that you are not alone...we will be there to support you along the way. 

What will the practice be like?

Practice is like preparation and priming for how we show up in our lives. It builds a capacity to play big and be courageous in the face of whatever life has to throw at us. All practices are customized to support the theme of that day so that your body and mind are getting the preparation for it needs for you to show up creative and confident in your everyday life. Daily practice will be taught by Kerri and will be a combination of movement and meditation (duration 30-45 minutes).

What can I expect from the coaching and catalyst tools? 

The "tools" we compliment our daily practice and theme. They are intended to guide you through a journey from presence to reconciliation to purpose to creation. Throughout the retreat, you will develop a clear assessment of where you are, a distilled and focus purpose to guide you towards where you are going, the creativity and capacity to dream big and get creative with your life, and the commitment/accountability to bring that vision to life. 


Yeah! Welcome to the HOME RETREAT: DETOX! Upon registering, you'll receive a welcome message from us with everything you need to get ready for our journey together. A week before the program, you'll get a retreat packet that will help you plan for an optimal experience. 


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Early Bird: $299

After April 25: $375

For scholarship opportunities, email us.  

— Jane, Retreat Participant