self care and making a difference doesn't have to be a trade off. here's how you can stay well and pay it forward at the same time. 

We’re thinking big about the power of our practice and what’s possible when we commit to the wellbeing of everyone. And we believe that it doesn’t need to be a tradeoff. It can be mutual. So we are designing a program that allows your wellbeing = everyone’s wellbeing. It’s that simple. What you might normally spend on services like yoga classes or organic meals of spa services, you donate that value back to the community to support the conditions that enable everyone to be well.

WELCOME TO ctznwell

CTZNWELL is a radical network of individuals like you who understand that our wellbeing is bound. We created this program to keep you thriving month after month, while ensuring that everyone else can be well, too.

Here's how it works: You pay-it-forward and we'll keep you well. Each month you'll get juicy goodness from us - from inspiring content to custom practices, to coaching sessions, to product recommendations and more. And your contribution will support CTZNWELL's efforts to democratize wellbeing for everyone. It's that simple. 

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GRATITUDE. Because we so appreciate you being here, leaning in and liking our work. Period. $1

CONVERSATION. (For the price of a latte…) you get to be a part of a brave space for conversation and connection. $5

PRACTICE. (For the price of yoga class…) you get exclusive meditations that keep you grounded in your activism and resourced to act. $10

WELLBEING IN A BOX. (For the price of an organic dinner...) you get exclusive access to our virtual subscription, featuring our favorite things for staying well and paying it forward. $25.

SATISFACTION. You give because you can and you care. Nuff said. Thank you. $100



CTZNWELL is mobilizing communities engaged in lifestyles of health & sustainability into a powerful constituency that brings our values to life through education, advocacy and voting. It is a call to action for the community to come together in practice and values, get engaged around issues that matter and focus our collective action towards a more healthy society that ensures the wellbeing of all its people. Over the last three years, we have made it our mission to democratize wellbeing and have actively organized around issues of economic justice (Fight for 15), food system reform (Plate of the Union), civic engagement (voteWELL) and more. Powered by the 50+ million people already engaged in wellbeing—a $300+ billion dollar industry—CTZNWELL is lifting up wellbeing as the new indicator of our nation’s health.