Detox Home Retreat 2019

Detox Home Retreat 2019

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Spring is a time for purification, renewal and birth. Join Kerri Kelly for a powerful retreat to cleanse the body, clear the mind and catalyze change. Throughout this week, we will embark on a transformative process of mind-body purification using the chakra system. We will combine dynamic asana, meditation, reflection, community collaboration and self care for an experience of deep connection and awakening.

Every day you will receive a digital retreat package in your inbox containing the following:

  • Daily yoga/meditation practice

  • Daily chakra-themed journal prompts

  • Invites to our daily breakthrough coaching calls

  • Daily tools for transformation

  • Daily self care rituals

  • Daily quote

 Join us for a home retreat is designed to guide you through detox of the body, mind and soul, right at home. 

Home Retreat dates: May 5-11,2019


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