Speaker, writer 

Kerri has been described as a captivating storyteller whose gutsy narrative leaves people broken open and inspired to act. She's been a featured speaker at TEDxBend, TEDxWashingtonSquare, Wisdom 2.0, Naropa Univesity, Muse Conference & more. Work with me!



founder, ctznwell 

CTZNWELL is mobilizing communities engaged in lifestyles of health & sustainability into a powerful membership base that brings our values to life through education, advocacy and voting. It is a call to action for the community to come together in practice and values, get engaged around issues that matter and focus our collective action towards a more healthy society that ensures the wellbeing of all its people. Work with me!



event facilitator, experience designer

Kerri is a dynamic event facilitator known for her unexpected and inclusive approach to engagement and impact. She has been integral in designing and innovating experiences that change minds and move people from the inside out. Work with me! 



yoga teacher, coach, maker

Kerri Kelly is a force of nature. She is a skilled yoga teacher, motivating students to effect change in their lives. She’s a fierce coach, whose ability to turn ideas into purpose and action is a gift. And she plays big; straddling the mindfulness and political worlds, so that the social change makers—the visionaries—she works with can mobilize and organize effectively. Work with me!

who i've worked with...