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  1. Design your schedule: While the retreat schedule is flexible and meant to be customized to your life, it is imperative you intentionally schedule it in. I recommend setting aside 1 hour each morning to allow space for meditation practice, journaling and reading work. Then reserve 90 minutes at 6p EST for our live community coaching call.

  2. Create the container: The space you create for this work will inform how much you get out of it. Consider the following:

    • creating a comfortable, warm and quiet practice space (if this is unrealistic in a busy household, try waking up before everyone else to ensure you are undisturbed)

    • unplug during morning practice (I know this feels "impossible", but it will really optimize your attention and capacity)

    • ask your family/roommates/partners for their support in your creating this space for yourself

    • when you are in practice time, be IN practice time

  3. Come as you are: This journey is not about fixing or figuring shit out. It’s about being curious and compassionate as we remove the veil of whiteness and reconnect to our humanity. Judgement, criticism, analysis, performing and pleasing has not place in this work. You are welcome exactly as you are. That is the beginning of everything.

  4. Make the commitment: This is not about perfection, it’s about practice. Choose to do the work everyday. Make it an essential part of your routine, like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast. And trust that you are already on the path to liberation.